The Racine Interfaith Coalition is an organization of congregations committed to promoting social justice through training and empowerment of people of faith. 

RIC was organized in 1993 in Racine, Wisconsin. As we celebrate more than 20 years of social justice we invite you to join us today.

Strength through Faith, Power through Community
Candlelight vigils for homicide victims in our community.
11x15 Prison Reform Project.
Immigration Reform & Drivers Card for Safe Roads.
Transportation & Mobility Alliance.
Turn Up the Vote! Voter Engagement & Poll Worker Recruitment.
Women of Worth Shelter.
Place of Peace Handgun Prohibition Signs
Candidate Forums.
What does "interfaith" mean?

The Racine Interfaith Coalition is a non-profit organization. 
Our members belong to a variety of churches and different religions.

RIC is represented by Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Muslims, Unitarian Universalists, Jews and Methodists.

All faiths are welcome and respected.

Our Vision
The Beloved Community:

  • All people share in the wealth of the earth
  • People see each other as sisters and brothers
  • Disputes are resolved peacefully in which adversaries       are reconciled
  • People are willing to sacrifice for the good of others
  • A just society: human rights are upheld; people live           in respectful relationships with each other and the earth 
  • A compassionate society: a community of people acting     with and for those who suffer

All of these contribute to a healthy community.

Our Mission
RIC is a group of diverse faith communities working together to address the root causes of social injustice and poverty in the Racine community. 

RIC does this through community organizing, education and the application of our common faith values to the structures, systems and laws of our society.
The Racine Interfaith Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations allow us to continue our work in the Racine community and are greatly appreciated. Become a sustaining member for as little as a few dollars a month or make a annual donation. Learn more by visiting our Get Involved page or by clicking the donate button on the left. Thank you!  
Also....Support Racine Interfaith Coalition by starting your shopping at http://smile.amazon.com (Same as Amazon) Amazon donates 0.5% of the price. - https://www.givelify.com/donee/donations or use your credit card at the office with the "square".

It has been nearly 1 year since Richardo Fierro, was taken into custody by Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE).

Richardo is a long time Racine community organizer who was taken from his home and his family Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

As the main source of income for his family of seven children, his mother, father and physically disabled brother, Ricardo’s absence has brought unimaginable hardship to his family and loved ones over the past year.

We are still fighting to bring Richardo home to his family and to the Racine community, he remains in detention in Kankakee, Illinois.

Ricardo and his family are in desperate need of donations!

Please show support by helping Richardo and his family during these awful times by following the link below:

                                Message from Betty Rendon:

We are happy to report that we have heard from Betty Rendon upon her arrival to Columbia. She has left a message for all of her supporters and would like us to share this with all of you.

"Greetings in the name of crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ. Thank you for all of your support, you are a blessing of God for my family and me. I love all of you."

Cards and letters may be sent to the RIC office at 2302 DeKoven Ave. 53403 and to Emaus Church at 1925 Summit Avenue 53404.
Financial donations may also be sent to the Emaus Church.


After hearing all of our speakers last night at the Rally for Peace we have decided to open up a Facebook dialogue group (Racine Interfaith Coalition Dialogue for Peace) for the people of the community to join and share their plans and ideas on how we can can make this community a united community. We encourage all of the Racine community to join in and voice your opinions
COME OUT AND JOIN US!!!!          JULY , 9 2019 at St. Richard's in Racine

For all Racine Interfaith Coalition Sustaining Members, their friends and anyone who wants to become a Sustaining Member. Come to enjoy fellowship together over lunch and learn: What is a Sustaining member? How to support us through a Sustaining Membership. July 9th, 2019 at St. Richard's church in Racine, WI With your help, RIC can continue to have its own staff that can reach out to every sector in our City. RIC can continue to provide world-class leadership training to our members. RIC can be less dependent on foundations and grants. RIC can be a beacon for justice that shines across all barriers.