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How does DACA affect individuals and businesses in Wisconsin?

Without DACA the US GDP declines by 433 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

6400 of the 7000 WI DACA are currently employed. Losing these people could cost the state 418 million over 10 years.

This is only the monetary loss to the state. The loss of human dignity, ideas, community involvement, activism, and social contributions in incalculable.

70% of DACA enrolled in or graduated from universities
Contributes to virtually all industries; including tech, medicine, manufacturing, education.
By extension clients, patrons, students, and patients are all affected by DACA
45% are in college and pay full tuition
91% of all DACA are currently employed – over age 25 that number jumps to 93%
5% start their own business
Av wage of DACA kid is $17, over age 25 that jumps to 40000 per year
21% purchased a car at an average used car cost of 10,600. 
          Registration and title
          Mortgage and mort insurance
          Sales taxes

DACA recipients have a drivers license
          Become the safety net for families
          Help transport parents and other family members
          Purchase medicines for family
          Enter restricted areas
          Open bank accounts deposit and withdraw money

12% purchased a home at cost of 165,000
          Creates jobs
          Mortgage and mort insurance