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Sustaining Memberships

RIC is about people of faith coming together to act powerfully to live out our deepest values and to bring racial and economic justice to Racine and Wisconsin. RIC breaks down barriers of race, economics and religion to build a community of hope. Make a committment of just a few dollars each month to help us do our work.

Why Does RIC Need Sustaining Members?

RIC’s voice is needed today more than ever. RIC’s voice must
 be heard in City Hall, at the County Courthouse, in Madison,
 and on our streets. The voice of compassion and fairness 
must ring out. Wisconsin needs to hear that people of faith 
are people who care about racial and economic justice; 
that RIC will stand up for our children, our elderly and 
those who are in need.

With your help, RIC can continue to have its own staff that 
can reach out to every sector in our City. RIC can continue 
to provide world-class leadership training to our members. 
RIC can be less dependent on foundations and grants. 
RIC can be a beacon for justice that shines across all barriers.

RIC’s strength comes from our numbers and from our 
solidarity. Just imagine: if RIC had 200 members giving an 
average of $15 each month, RIC would have an additional 
$36,000 every year to dedicate to the struggle for racial
 and economic justice.

​Individuals, businesses and organizations are encouraged 
to become sustaining members of the Racine Interfaith 
Coalition. Sustaining members commit to a monthly financial 
commitment which suits a variety of budgets.

Become a Sustaining Member today!